(r186779-ddb3f2e) 2021-06-16

Release Notes 27.0.09  (r186779-ddb3f2e) 2021-06-16

BD-25694 A change in log wall height did not get saved
BD-25764 Crash in default part numbering if standard pieces were used with over building numbering
BD-25820 Transferring support reactions to truss parts fixed
VX-7767 Showroom export crashes in rare situation where the respose has't exactly correct parameter if export has failed
VX-7771 2D window toolbar is not active right after drawing is opened.
VX-7775 DWG-converter: text location is incorrect when importing dxf-file (import)
BD-25759 Improve wall layer highlight to keep objects in front more visible
(r186703-a9497d1) 2021-05-26

Release Notes 27.0.08  (r186703-a9497d1) 2021-05-26

BD-25197 Edited G4 -model materials of library components were not saved.
BD-25576 Fixed copying of Framing data when extracting sub project
BD-25621 Removed redundant ply fastener error in truss engineering
BD-25633 Crash fixed in creation of WUP export file
BD-25651 Crash fix of opening truss engineering project
BD-25666 Referenced 3D model is not visible after adding
BD-25682 Crash fix in exporting assembly to IFC
VX-7751 Fix crash in model limiting with large models
BD-25478 Floor and roof structure names added to the components.xml file
BD-25520 Vxtype for wall volumes for Showroom export
BD-25616 Support for sheets without structure connection added to IFC - export
(r186612-8be2037) 2021-05-05

Release Notes 27.0.07  (r186612-8be2037) 2021-05-05

BD-25304 Floor plan presentation of mirrored G4 component fixed
BD-25376 Print to PDF via document browser list view was slowed down
BD-25470 BTL output failed to write cuts with small angels
BD-25543 IFC export wrote wrong profile shapes
BD-25557 Placing of components didn't always work properly in piping design
BD-25569 Editing line or hatch scale value in End User View interface causes crash
BD-25570 Restore connections to truss framing tool preview
BD-25597 Hidden tool part becomes incorrectly visible
VX-7681 Changing row of the card type database dialog by clicking scroll bar may crash in some special cases.
VX-7699 Opening some 3D models was very slow, fixed
VX-7712 Material transparency did not work right when surface had no texture
VX-7717 Fixed creating layers group from visible layers
BD-25467 New options added to setup log wall drawing limits
BD-25519 Floor information for objects for Showroom
(r186502-6c35294) 2021-04-09

Release Notes 27.0.06  (r186502-6c35294) 2021-04-09

BD-25403 Jack truss members were not correctly generated
BD-25469 Tenon with collar joint incorrectly converted to BTL
BD-25486 Out-of-plane joints do not use parameters set in profile library
BD-25498 Crashed in panel drawing dimension update
BD-25522 Origin symbol was missing from 3D move.
BD-25528 Hang in howick output by stack order
VX-7595 PDF conversion fails if there are strings with invalid UTF-8 characters in a drawing.
VX-7652 Print preview showing preview from a wrong non-active window
VX-7660 Fix snapping to 3D line end points, search distance was was too big
BD-25356 Option added to setup up reference point by frame in Weinmann wup -file
BD-25500 Content check added to .vxz file creation
(r186445-ec4f131) 2021-03-19

Release Notes 27.0.05  (r186445-ec4f131) 2021-03-19

BD-25196 Elevations of combined subprojects show double siding hatches
BD-25355 Original geometry of the object to be moved was not shown in model
BD-25361 Insert wall crashed in setting project default height in case of big shifts
BD-25368 Starting commands in 2D is now faster
BD-25384 Incorrect rendering material caused a crash when opening a cross section or creating a new one
BD-25388 Editing rendering texture by category also edited surfaces of different category or no category
BD-25389 Program crashed in layer material change
BD-25390 Section hatch problem in floors with concrete layers
BD-25391 Wall marking did not always work when adding a floor by clicking walls
BD-25400 Automatic dimensions were missing from window and door sheets
BD-25411 Color fills of parametric walls did not work in section views
BD-25416 Changing "use" of panel piece from ribbon didn't affect to part numbering
BD-25421 Kaatui korkeustasoja muokatattaessa
BD-25422 Sheathing tool of roof panel added oversize sheets to sheathing layer
BD-25466 Fixed unwanted hatch pattern appearing in shaded view drawings
VX-7554 Crash when closing 3D port or updating 3D projection
VX-7573 Fix problems with dwg_all_layers keyword for DWG export
VX-7587 Fix issues with surface transparency
VX-7588 Marking reference geometry from model does not work when editing feature
VX-7630 Pick from surface function doesn't show colors of reference models
BD-25356 Option added to setup up reference point by frame in Weinmann wup -file
BD-25410 Add support for IfcBooleanOperator INTERSECTION
New Feature
VX-7610 License Server Robustness - recovering license after disconnected network
(r186312-541d0c6) 2021-02-17

Release Notes 27.0.04  (r186312-541d0c6) 2021-02-17

BD-25273 Horizontal section didn't cut windows
BD-25330 Create and Solve Job closed option selection list before making selections
BD-25334 Parametric walls couldn't be edited
VX-7554 Crash when closing 3D port or updating 3D projection
VX-7573 Fix problems with dwg_all_layers keyword for DWG export
(r186285-073dac3) 2021-02-11

Release Notes 27.0.03  (r186285-073dac3) 2021-02-11

BD-25242 Crashed when logged in to DS and viewing Reference Drawing properties
BD-25249 Column and beam section reference numbers are missing
BD-25251 Dimensions were updated unnecessarily
BD-25252 Crash fix for opening wall properties dialog
BD-25325 Edit rendering material by category doesn't work with log walls
VX-7525 Lightworks rendering does not always show the latest changes in the 3D model
VX-7536 3D clip stops working
VX-7543 Surface texture appearing smeared
VX-7546 Crash when adding or changing material with texture
VX-7551 Fix material transparency issues
BD-25260 Control added for cladding board cut offsets
New Feature
BD-25212 New log house corner joint, female-female dove tail
(r186169-06e165a) 2021-01-22

Release Notes 27.0.02  (r186169-06e165a) 2021-01-22

BD-23693 False parts were added to wall panel by ladder backer detail
BD-25091 Hided hole lines affected to part drawings limits and scale
BD-25116 Drawing limits are blinking when editing log wall elevation drawing
BD-25144 Profile top view 2D presentation corrupted model
BD-25150 Acis error appears when roof clips wall
BD-25152 Collect materials didn't collect pipes
BD-25160 Mirrored CLT-sheets were not exported correctly to IFC
BD-25189 Structural tool macros were not collected
BD-25228 Fix location markers to appear
BD-25238 Door and window preview icons were not created
VX-7491 Split internal point cloud geometry buffer when size is too large
VX-7493 Autosnap markers are lost after zooming or panning in 2D.
VX-7497 Fix rendering transparency by material
VX-7499 Projects and drawings having & in their name are not shown correctly on a recent files list.
VX-7507 Pre-selection object highlight in multiple windows did not work correctly
VX-7517 Solid FEA rendering colors don't appear in an assembly model
BD-25090 Force cuttout to closed around opening for randek 5.0
BD-25111 Show section depth, when editing section properties
BD-25115 Add parameter for filtering program (Hundegger outputs)
BD-25139 Using of IFC property sets for pipe components and other G4 parts
BD-25141 Ability to handle multiple roof drawing model pairs, one for each floor
BD-25183 Saving G4 model to component library, set default value of 2d presentation from shaded to wire frame
VX-7494 Add alpha blending control for object selection
New Feature
BD-25151 Add insulation to structure with gap
(r185986-3665def) 2020-12-10

Release Notes 27.0.01  (r185986-3665def) 2020-12-10

BD-24927 Hidden parts not removed from G4 assembly when it is added to BD model
BD-25070 Component's 3D geometry disappears after adding a pipe line
BD-25098 Assembly element hierarchy not take into account in Excel reports
BD-25104 Panel assembly hierarchy was written wrong to components.xml
BD-25107 Panel drawing free view didn't work
BD-25109 Object tree view was updated for nothing resolving floor plan
BD-25117 Crashed in saving component to library
BD-25126 2D presentation of G4 component disappeared in geometry update
VX-7472 When editing a sketch, the lines of the model are not drawn
BD-24970 Profile joints are managed more accurately in copy functions
BD-25064 Truss Framing Set -function added to trusses for changing framing tool
VX-7455 Adjust window sizes automatically when starting FEA, to avoid overlapping
VX-7456 Setting fea_color_scale_position to define FEA color scale position on screen
(r185896-0e3f88c) 2020-11-25

Release Notes 27.0.00  (r185896-0e3f88c) 2020-11-25