(r181549-45a250d) 2019-10-25

Release Notes 25.0.15  (r181549-45a250d) 2019-10-25

BD-21918 Panel was created inside panel break
BD-22658 IFC Export of longitudinally cut profiles did not work
BD-22659 Exporting roof to IFC does not create proper extrusion surface
BD-22660 Cladding is not added correctly
BD-22663 BTL - Drilling reversed after export
BD-22749 Creating 2D-geometry of IFC-object fails
BD-22758 Wall panel drawing dimension PLATE_PITCH can't be moved
BD-22759 Interior Filling trim label positions wrong in panel drawing
BD-22869 Walls stretch funny when you reload them from library
BD-22876 Parametric trusses were located in object tree view under bearing wall
BD-22891 System does not recognize out-of-plane truss
BD-22916 NC output doesn't work with Master Set solving
BD-22965 Truss is not generated correctly
BD-22993 Fix for angle notch nc output in Hundegger SC
BD-23005 lipcuts and notch lgs tools do not work with profiles are 4mm thickness
BD-23018 Longitudinal cut does not support flat cut in Hundegger SC
BD-23037 View side setting for window and door sheets not working properly
BD-23043 All pieces were not written to Pinnacle NC output
BD-23088 Stone quantity get doubled in Desing Stream when delivery is done
VX-6342 Sending link via email not working in showroom export
VX-6343 Onedit autotrigger of the listview type database dialog may execute other autotriggers.
BD-20784 Improvements for generating members to scissor truss
New Feature
BD-22862 Grille code to window schedule
(r181415-35c7ff2) 2019-09-14

Release Notes 25.0.13  (r181415-35c7ff2) 2019-09-14

BD-22171 Opening trim sets don't find always right reference line
BD-22198 Filler trim doesn´t show at paneldrawing
BD-22275 IFC conversion of narrow window fails
BD-22286 Updating IFC model crashed the program
BD-22299 Perspective views area not transfered properly in "Move All" function
BD-22344 Can't print the drawings of sheets from document browser
BD-22389 Vertex crashes if framing tool data is invalid
BD-22391 '3111 Single free dimple' places the dimple incorrectly
BD-22410 Creating truss engineering drawings caused a crash
BD-22503 Supports direction was wrong in engineering group's FEA study
BD-22522 Truss vertical not generated at supporting wall
BD-22558 Trusses passing engineering had yellow tag in model tree view
BD-22581 Show panel label of walls in FEA engineering results
BD-22587 Converting IFC roof to Vertex roof fixed
BD-22591 Truss members are not generated correctly to skillion roof truss with box gutter drop down
VX-6238 DWG-converter: program hangs in preview generation (export)
BD-21907 Advanced detail filtering added to selection filter
BD-21908 Save detail tool to show existing folders
BD-22168 Screw connection capacity check with latest AS/NZS 4600:2018
(r181303-683d56b) 2019-08-02

Release Notes 25.0.11  (r181303-683d56b) 2019-08-02

BD-22090 When openings are on top of each other, studs were not clipped correctly
BD-22137 BTL cut is cutting wrong side of piece
BD-22156 Extra line with trim boards
BD-22188 Messages of over-definition shown when adding G4 model to building
BD-22210 Obround holes are not always correct in BTL export
BD-22254 Area joints should use midway edges instead of vertical edges when generator roof converted to layer blocks
BD-22256 Cutting wall panel plates recuts plate again because used without tolerance
BD-22264 Selection from model is not shown always in object tree view
VX-5971 Fix crash in creating solid color bitmap for Ribbon UI
BD-21902 Height information added to 3D height symbol
BD-21904 Sosi-file import to support UTF8-format
BD-21905 Support ceiling/floor opeing hatches
BD-21906 Change joist hanger to another size
BD-22231 Possibility to set pen width in wpnl_loprop
(r177188) 2019-06-05

Release Notes 25.0.10  (r177188) 2019-06-05

BD-21974 DWG-converter: dwg color didn't match the color on screen (export)
BD-22022 DWG-converter: text is invisible (import)
BD-22061 Version of old style unique id wasn't handled properly
BD-22091 All wall sheets were not punched by windows
BD-22097 Excel output for G4 based macros didn't work
BD-22099 Snapping to point/line does not work after moving terrain points
BD-22104 Focus to window disappear in some situations when editing of terrain points
BD-22115 Triple hole heel connection (4040) will not use bottom hole
BD-22139 Single Dimensions between windows weren't right
BD-22143 IFC export of profiles didn't always try to create extrusions
VX-5921 Image on an invisible layer could still be selected
VX-5924 Popup menus disappeared after minimizing the app while a popup menu was open
VX-5925 Visible layer selection did not work when using print area
(r176614) 2019-05-14

Release Notes 25.0.09  (r176614) 2019-05-14

BD-21974 DWG-converter: dwg color didn't match the color on screen (export)
BD-21975 Joist hanger to remember last selection
BD-21984 Light Gauge Steel joints with dimples can cause geometry creation to fail
BD-21985 Defining new interior view results in updating and opening of all interior view drawings
BD-21986 Interior View limiting-edge-lines not cutting through walls
VX-5860 VXLONG2D test version... faulty message when loading some very large drawings
(r176290) 2019-04-24

Release Notes 25.0.08  (r176290) 2019-04-24

BD-21912 Cut mode do not work in inclined framing
BD-21915 Model tree fails to update when profile material is changed via quick properties
BD-21926 Vertex crashed sometimes when panel edit model was closed
BD-21929 Building open side(s) information added to truss engineering printout
BD-21930 Selection didn't open branches in object tree view
BD-21961 Stretch roof was broken. Slope wasn't moved in stretch.
BD-21968 Customize insulations may block adding insulations in Panel Edit model
BD-21875 Outer straight cut for incline framing
BD-21903 Window height data can be added as an accessory to layout
(r175942) 2019-03-31

Release Notes 25.0.07  (r175942) 2019-03-31

BD-20424 Truss frame generator added too few webs between verticals
BD-21408 Edge sheet seam was not alwasy set on stud
BD-21710 Splice rule cuts beams at the openings, when it shouldn't
BD-21863 Sub project was getting wrong site origin in IFC export
VX-5825 Cannot upload model into showroom - default timeout too short
BD-21826 Tolerance setting added to find bearings for engineering
(r175637) 2019-03-14

Release Notes 25.0.06  (r175637) 2019-03-14

BD-19641 Obround holes were not written to BTL format
BD-21803 Door label was not updated from all fields
BD-21837 Cursor locking did not work when selecting terrain points
BD-21850 Stretching railing in 2D changed height position
BD-21851 Some features of part were not always output to BTL format
BD-21853 Wrong ribbon tab was opened for insulation layer
BD-21861 Log schedule produces incorrect drawings
VX-5733 Hidden line removal did not work correctly in perspective view when faces were very close to each other
VX-5810 Leader line appeared in some situations erroneously above its text label
VX-5811 Function to restore default layers added to layers menu
New Feature
BD-21676 Part visibility can be set with condition in element drawing
(r175312) 2019-02-20

Release Notes 25.0.05  (r175312) 2019-02-20

BD-21735 "Mirror All" didn't mirror all G4 parts
BD-21757 IFC export of classic wall panels not correct.
BD-21759 3D levels dialog crash fixed
BD-21762 Grid Lines option missing from update sections function
BD-21781 Selecting objects one by one slowed down the selection process
BD-21800 Unable to delete a favorite from component browser after restart
BD-21801 Not all beam drawings were always produced
BD-21802 Generating piece drawings get stuck
BD-21809 IFC Objects couldn't be set visible in panel drawings
VX-5760 Recently accessed project or document in windows.xy may cause error line in ERRLOG
VX-5777 Favorites are missing from the browsers when the program is connected to DS
VX-5803 Printing to PDF may be slow with some fonts.
BD-21780 New filter added to section drawings for filtering trusses and truss parts
(r174906) 2019-01-29

Release Notes 25.0.04  (r174906) 2019-01-29

BD-21038 Yellow label after engineering
BD-21502 IFC converted buidling, Wall corner connections and openings in framing
BD-21599 Right click -> left click will undo in 3d modeler
BD-21621 Changing 2D-presentation of IFC-objects
BD-21625 Tool to relocate IFC-model
BD-21630 Quick section form model including sub projects is not made always properly
BD-21632 Error message about harmless database errors when importing ifc model
BD-21633 Imported IFC model, object filter doesn't show all materials that exists
BD-21634 Type conversion dialog is very slow when selection of the object is big
BD-21637 IFC Import support for Chinese characters in file path
BD-21639 Incorrect timestamp format in IFC causes crash
BD-21645 Arbitrary closed geometry handled incorrectly in IFC import
BD-21651 Incorrect handling of closed polyline in IFC Import
BD-21683 Floor Truss names disappear when cutting trusses
BD-21684 IFC-walls without 2D curve definition are not converted to native Vertex walls
BD-21692 Clip board copy fixed. Parts were not set properly to drawings/models
BD-21693 Overlapping Floor Trusses at the start
BD-21696 Converting Imported IFC parts to Vertex parts causes openings 2D and 3D geometry to not line up
BD-21705 IFC Export of panels without parts don't get full geometry
BD-21712 Location of cross section did not always follow cross section line
BD-21731 IFC Export of rectangle profile with angled end gets too large dimensions
VX-5742 Crashing in some situations when editing drawing layers
VX-5752 Some dialogs appeared partly below the bottom of the screen
VX-5761 Delete sections from arc doesn't work right if start angle is negative
VX-5762 Beam FEA generated huge shear peak when two nodes were very close to each tother
BD-21446 Panel settings added to wall panelizing
BD-21591 Default framing origin which can be used for all type of structures
BD-21617 Building opening side of dominant opening according Australian wind code
BD-21646 Cancel option added to closing panel drawing
(r174238) 2018-12-18

Release Notes 25.0.02  (r174238) 2018-12-18

BD-21484 Show Chinese characters in engineering rtf output
BD-21586 Search results from quick search of the window/door browser can't be added to the building
BD-21587 Adding of a browser search result doesn't always work correctly
BD-21624 Crash when modify shape of profile by line
VX-5616 Hidden lines in G4 assembly drawings are not displayed correctly
VX-5684 Dialog box moved out from the screen in some situations
VX-5703 DWG-converter: certain linetypes cause program to crash (import)
VX-5705 Active row of the listview type database dialog is not always scrolled to the correct position when page is changed.
VX-5707 New Aux line color and Aux line width can't be set when adding dimension and using Properties dialog (fields grayed out)
VX-5710 Curves appear sometimes jagged when printing
VX-5711 Crashing when editing keyboard shortcuts
VX-5713 Tangential arc is not inserted accurately
BD-21406 Tools to convert IFC parts to Vertex parts
BD-21498 Edit Roof Slope shows now all rows from d_EAVESDATA database
New Feature
BD-20837 2D-presentation of IFC-objects
BD-21504 Function to update profile grades to by grade setting
BD-21556 IFC Import: Filters for 2D-presentation of IFC-objects
(r173848) 2018-11-28

Release Notes 25.0.01  (r173848) 2018-11-28

BD-21247 Truss label color was not following engineering state when single truss state is opened
BD-21495 Name of the sub project was missing in object tree
BD-21515 Truss chord boxing caused crash
BD-21522 Cladding board were not notched properly
BD-21584 Member capacity check - tension, tension capasity of non-frictional connections
VX-5679 DWG-converter: surface color is incorrect (export)
VX-5680 Displaying some DWG imported drawings with lots of text is slow
BD-20827 Selection Filters for IFC-properties of IFC-objects
BD-21230 Profile properties added to selection filter
BD-21503 Grade values in UI were not following grade setting
VX-5682 Better command group names for editing shortcut keys and custom toolbars
(r173305) 2018-11-07

Release Notes 25.0.00  (r173305) 2018-11-07