(r166799) 2017-11-07

Release Notes 23.0.15  (r166799) 2017-11-07

BD-20119 Missing sheet nail rows
BD-20144 Max allowed width in stair tool is too small.
BD-20156 Roof concentrated safe load is missing from truss engineering printout loads
BD-20171 Profile gets different vxtype for model tree and component.xml.
New Feature
BD-19703 Splice detail for trusses
(r166383) 2017-10-20

Release Notes 23.0.14  (r166383) 2017-10-20

BD-18692 Custom defined render materials were not working on elevation drawings
BD-19715 Edit sheet shape from using grip is fixed
BD-19814 Search details from DS didn't work if sub group field was used
BD-19953 Linked soffits do not move with roof during component change
BD-20049 Component filtering for elevation drawings is fixed.
BD-20086 Problems with layers of reference drawings
BD-20087 Updating text macros from FILEINFO database do not work if project-folder is in user-folder
VX-5358 Tool strip disappeared when drawing was saved as JPEG image, problem fixed.
BD-19382 Moved panel cuts on sloped structures were not always taken account.
BD-19937 Cutting noggings in wall panel elevation
(r164936) 2017-08-17

Release Notes 23.0.11  (r164936) 2017-08-17

BD-19654 Foundation wall end cap parameter could not be set.
BD-19665 Room wasn't included in floor area if Hide Room Label was selected.
BD-19668 Editing of wall layer properties of parametric wall does not work properly.
BD-19695 Opening label was not always updated when height of opening was edited
BD-19696 Support for "Undefined" typed layer is added to wall panel
BD-19705 Seam detail of floor panel does not follow default settings
BD-19706 Floor layers were collected twice to material lists in certain cases.
(r164405) 2017-06-15

Release Notes 23.0.10  (r164405) 2017-06-15

BD-19526 Continuous horizontal / vertical locking of cursor when adding a wall does not work
BD-19561 Switching from shared to unique panel numering was not updating panel numbers.
BD-19583 Switching to floor plan while in FEA mode left node and load grips behind. Problem fixed.
BD-19593 Notch dimensions were missing from part pictures
BD-19601 Log wall notches were not added for crossing log wall.
BD-19603 Origin of panel is moving badly when shape of panel is modified
BD-19604 Walls did not always merge in elevation drawings.
VX-5263 Program may crash if filter of the listview type database dialog is executed by pressing [Enter] or [F5] twice quickly.
(r164066) 2017-05-26

Release Notes 23.0.09  (r164066) 2017-05-26

BD-19489 Colors of log ends were not set properly
BD-19539 G4 assembly name doesn't update in model tree view
BD-19540 IFC import causes "Invalid child object relations" error messages
BD-19542 Canceling editing of properties of dimension of panel view caused corrupted project
BD-19544 Wall wind loads are not visible in model tree view
BD-19570 Excel lists of packed structures fixed
BD-19584 Length of profile in description is not updated proprely if part have geometry in several drawing model pairs.
VX-5250 Fixed problem with Solid FEA solving not working when 3D mesh was created before solve
VX-5253 Some of the string returning ADT-commands doesn't return strings correctly if there are quote or backslash characters.
(r163746) 2017-05-04

Release Notes 23.0.08  (r163746) 2017-05-04

BD-18252 Hide/unhide parts was not working properly for single layers of structure
BD-19482 Setting free direction for roof panel didn't work properly in angled slope case.
BD-19485 Can't print truss drawings from document browser.
BD-19487 Xbrace macro profiles didn't get SA codes anymore
BD-19491 View properties in panel drawing are not copied anymore to sub views
VX-5246 DWG-converter: dimension text point was incorrect in some cases (export).
BD-19505 IFC improvements, geographical coordinates
(r163438) 2017-04-10

Release Notes 23.0.07  (r163438) 2017-04-10

BD-19173 Shapes of wall panel layers were not picked properly in cases where source wall was clipped by roof leaving narrow peaks on wall.
BD-19382 Moving roof panel cut using grip didn't keep cut on roof slope.
BD-19428 Wall panel studs were not cut properly by beam pockets
BD-19429 Room label position is not stable
BD-19448 Cut a bottom plate with notches crashes program.
BD-19451 Document browser was not is updated if sheet is active.
BD-19465 Unhide function was missing in view drawings.
BD-19476 Insert NSO Note function causes a layer to always stay active
BD-19477 Direction locking was overriding snapping to points, problem fixed.
BD-19491 Panel dwg's view settings from main view to sub view should not be copied.
BD-19411 FEA Solve is showing un-factored reactions and stresses, dialog should say that they are un-factored
VX-5231 ED/HD drawing should able to open to other applications as a dummy drawing where connection lines are normal lines and labels are normal texts.
VX-5240 Rendering material properties advanced editing is now available w/o visualization license option
New Feature
VX-5201 Scale a raster image after a reference distance
VX-5230 Mark all part numbers that already has attribute data with the function 'Edit element attribute database'.
(r163157) 2017-03-23

Release Notes 23.0.06  (r163157) 2017-03-23

BD-19363 VXBROWSER_ error message appeared occasionally.
BD-19365 Pieces were not aligned properly in narrow strutrures.
BD-19372 Fixed part numbers gets application hang up.
BD-19378 Adding revision table caused error message.
BD-19381 Looking direction of individual log drawings were not always following looking direction of log wall.
BD-19397 Reference line in wall preview picture is fixed
BD-19398 Project document browser causes program crash.
BD-19399 Horizontal structure section hatch parameter change doesn't work
BD-19415 Diameter dimension won't work properly in element drawing
BD-19422 Flat projects do not work when creating section drawings
BD-19423 Checking of overlapping rooms do not work
BD-19424 Adjust the resolution of detail drawing preview
VX-5199 In some special case list of the child database is not updated when row of the listview type main database is changed.
VX-5232 Bug fix in drawing comparison function
BD-19222 Merge profiles function allows overlaps and gaps.
BD-19308 Roof generator is changed so that also beams can be selected for reference structure
VX-5208 dbprint and dblprint mode +64 to disable text update
(r162630) 2017-02-22

Release Notes 23.0.05  (r162630) 2017-02-22

BD-19203 Roof panels are not added properly in eaves with long overhang
BD-19206 Top plate dimensioning points of wall panel drawing is fixed
BD-19209 Merging the cells in the Excel sheets was not taken format properly account
BD-19269 Limits of view of panel drawing was not calculated properly for G4 parts
BD-19296 Stretching didn't work with roofs
BD-19305 Crashes occasionally when creating panel drawing.
BD-19306 "Set visibility" didin't affect to elevation drawings
BD-19354 Steel-eu floors have OSB as part of lack layer = floor at wrong height
VX-5190 Fixed "Macro XXX read failed" error that appeared sometimes in DWG import
VX-5197 Saving database in autotrigger program may cause crashing.
BD-19297 IFC converter can now import doors and windows also without walls when importing as reference geometry is selected
VX-5195 Rotating zoomed model now selects center point with a better method, giving better control
(r162232) 2017-01-31

Release Notes 23.0.04  (r162232) 2017-01-31

BD-15894 Exclude a layer of the wall from panel by framing tools
BD-19174 Wall hatch properties in section drawing wasn't alwasy right
BD-19200 "Add Eaves Trims" function in Modeling tab doesn't work
BD-19205 "Open part drawing" on "Output" tab is not working
VX-5169 DWG-converter: fix reading nested xrefs (import).
VX-5017 Configuration of Formatted Excel transfer improved
(r161838) 2017-01-11

Release Notes 23.0.03  (r161838) 2017-01-11

BD-18285 Notch position at end of profile fixed.
BD-18539 When options are moved, some option components are left behind
BD-19091 Eave trims were not cut properly by walls
BD-19097 CODE field length of structure in schedule of panel drawing was too short
BD-19151 Document browser was not updated when sheets were removed.
BD-19160 Classification is lost when roof is split
BD-19161 Wall sheathing direction setup didn't work.
BD-19164 Ship loose joist hangers were missing in excel schedules
BD-19165 Project packing fails when using Scandinavian characters in project name
BD-19172 Switching visiblility of constraints is speeded up.
VX-5133 Active database dialog was sometimes left behind other dialogs, problem fixed.
VX-5135 Edge lines were not visible in perspective mode if model was located far from origin, problem fixed
VX-5060 "Definitions are from node to node" check box added for buckling definition
VX-5137 New marking style for ADT commands 'dbfield_mark' and 'dblfield_mark'.
(r161327) 2016-12-12

Release Notes 23.0.02  (r161327) 2016-12-12

BD-19003 Excel formula handling improved
BD-19013 Mounting data for sheets of wall frame was not set
BD-19044 Crashed when editing Z-level of automated floor
BD-19052 Create Part Drawings is not available for roof panels in project document browser
BD-19059 Log wall presentation in framing model was not made properly
BD-19074 3D-geometry of flats wasn´t shown when project was donwloaded from DS
BD-19090 Merge wall panels merged two different sidings together
BD-19100 Deleting line with chain dimension corrupt model
BD-19106 Moved dimension text don't work correct for electrical boxes in panel drawing
BD-19125 Application hangs up occasionally
VX-4954 Re-linking nodes could set master nodes in bad support state in Beam FEA, problem fixed.
VX-5066 Editing link model deleted FEA studies in edited model, problem fixed
VX-5086 Status marker of the marked row of the child database disappears when row of the main database is changed back and forth.
VX-5092 ADT commands dbgetval and dblgetval doesn't return database field value correctly if there are back slashes or quotes in contents.
BD-18306 Panelizing direction changed to affect to stud direction rule only if left or right rule is used
BD-18975 Wall siding rendering material color adjustment
BD-19101 Uniform default rotation for a section and section detail on panel drawing
VX-5079 Display error message when attempting to solve Solid FEA study with loose parts
VX-5088 Filtering database with comparator markings alone should work without escape marking.
VX-5091 No triggers nor buttons mode for ADT commands dblselect, dblselectn, dblselect2 and dblselectn2.
VX-5093 Database list using versions of ADT commands 'dbfield_mark' and 'dbfield_bgcolor'.
VX-5094 Status marker support for the ADT command to set background color of the database field.
VX-5095 Mode for closing database without changes for ADT command DBclose() .
New Feature
VX-5078 Added possibility to have Beam FEA license w/o Profile Structures license
(r160816) 2016-11-16

Release Notes 23.0.01  (r160816) 2016-11-16

BD-18094 Hangers can not be added to end of notched profiles
BD-18547 Backer to batten layer does not work with gable walls
BD-18981 Area load into separate library
BD-18993 Edit truss elevation crashes.
BD-18998 'Log Schedule'-function does not give same label to mirrored logs.
BD-19031 Custom file updater for v.23 verifies default rendering materials
VX-5064 Load patterns created with context menu command are not generated into object model
BD-17868 Tolerance to the truss notch to beam connection
BD-17935 Allow panel break macro beside the opening
BD-18012 Print maximum utilization ratio of truss into truss engineering drawing
BD-18809 Web direction control for truncated trusses
BD-18899 Add new keywords to wall panelizing library
VX-5027 IFC import saves MemberType and MaterialLayer attributes
VX-5034 When inserting loads in Beam FEA the name of previous inserted load is kept available
VX-5038 Show warning if study have loads with no patterns when going to capacity check