(r184277-7b99eed) 2020-11-13

Release Notes 26.0.16  (r184277-7b99eed) 2020-11-13

BD-24101 Can't Verify Distance between dimples in one truss engineering
BD-24546 Modifying notching tool when notch is already done doesn't mark wall panel to be changed
BD-24631 Truss screw quantity reporting fix
BD-24672 '00011 Beam Notch Joint' didn't always work
BD-24797 Howick NC file with web tabs incorrect when floor not square
BD-24859 Export cnc tool holes to Hundegger fix
BD-24908 Profile joints; Notch; CLT; (0700) Hole works only for horizontal structures
BD-24924 Master Set Set Up -> Copy Selection crash fixed
BD-24928 Truss member buckling length factors with two digits
BD-24988 Wrong pipe library browser was used when connected to Desing Stream
VX-7416 Windows and doors doesn't follow only visible part are exported to Showroom rule
BD-24386 Add used details to drawing sheet
BD-24899 Printing panel PDF in stacking order from Document Browser
VX-7264 Write duplicate unique field values of database to error log
(r184144-b89243c) 2020-10-07

Release Notes 26.0.14  (r184144-b89243c) 2020-10-07

BD-24587 Piece with angled cuts were located badly in standard NC xml output
BD-24593 free hole didnt work well with L profiles
BD-24605 Top plate not produced when using beam pocket
BD-24625 Excel material reports may loose some material rows
BD-24633 Panel numbering gave different identifiers for similar panels
BD-24663 Opening properties of notching tool resets used coordinate system
BD-24740 Single truss engineering speed improvement
BD-24749 Crash fix for editing window properties
BD-24411 PanelID to all panel parts in IFC export
(r184072-c104174) 2020-09-14

Release Notes 26.0.13  (r184072-c104174) 2020-09-14

BD-24366 Wall panel corner studs were connected badly with short plates
BD-24419 Batch print to pdf missing layers
BD-24434 Use category storage information not passed to earthquake engineering
BD-24457 Wall panel first stud setting didn't take stud start direction account
BD-24546 Modifying notching tool when notch is already done doesn't mark wall panel to be changed
BD-24551 Electrical symbols disappeared if mounting box was edited via object tree view
BD-24470 Utility holes extended to take batten layers account
(r183979-f3fabd0) 2020-08-06

Release Notes 26.0.11  (r183979-f3fabd0) 2020-08-06

BD-23114 Vertical member is not added automatically on floor truss support
BD-23778 Sub frame parts missing
BD-23853 Merging horizontal blocking caused crash when panel had GHOST stud
BD-23868 Project macro library, thumbnail is not generated
BD-23896 Dimensions on window and door sheet are far from object
BD-24077 Components jump when you add features to them using constraints
BD-24086 Thin layer with cross section hatch crashes program when updating section drawing of building
BD-24096 IGNORE mapping is not working in LGS CSV NC Setup
BD-24134 When editing flats it no longer asks to edit one flat or all flats
BD-24136 BTL and Hundegger SC output doesn't show correct sub-assembly value anymore
BD-24147 In IFC conversion rules window height offset was used on doors
BD-24157 Fix of Vertex crashing when adding wall
BD-24207 Geometry of roof accessories is bad if not selecting location point by roof surface
VX-6610 Rasters are cutted in drawing plot if raster angle is something different from 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees
VX-7080 Fixed default layers for batch printing
BD-23998 Chimney height to comply with the latest Swedish regulations
BD-24067 User wants to move only one classic panel end without moving another close by one (butt joints and corners)
(r183860-24d39d7) 2020-06-04

Release Notes 26.0.09  (r183860-24d39d7) 2020-06-04

BD-23671 Restore previous size of project/model tree when closing Engineering warnings and errors dialog
BD-23898 When you try to delete anything with G4 part at the same time, nothing happens
BD-23901 A lot of oversized boards, when cutting siding boards automatically
BD-23923 Crash fix when running the truss engineering
BD-23942 Hundegger Cambium label setup fix
BD-24009 Handle linkage constraints of pipe component disappers if rotate or change component
BD-24042 Web spacing incorrect for mono trusses
BD-22961 Changing object tree view to/from engineering view manages visibility settings
BD-23784 Separate dimensions between parts or inside parts in panel drawings
(r183794-b52a93e) 2020-05-12

Release Notes 26.0.08  (r183794-b52a93e) 2020-05-12

BD-23838 Cannot save project after chain dimensions are copied to another floor
BD-23839 Properites of geoemetric groups reverted similar to BD 25.0
BD-23858 Saving is asked when flats are exported to IFC
BD-23860 Crash fixed from panel label update
BD-23862 Panel breaks could not be added if wall panelizing corner details were edited
VX-6814 Showroom model update problems fixed
VX-6827 Send anonymous Showroom share link input is missing
VX-6845 The model/drawing window is not updated properly if window resizing operation is performed during browser object addition
BD-23517 Option added to control notch reference side in Hundegger output
BD-23886 Filler piece needed between 2 notch ends for Pinnacle
VX-6832 Restore preview window rotate and zoom buttons
(r183657-15b07cd) 2020-04-01

Release Notes 26.0.07  (r183657-15b07cd) 2020-04-01

BD-23633 Cross section patterns didn't work in drawings created from active model
BD-23685 Updating text macros of drawing sheet caused a crash
BD-23695 The browser does not display subfolders in search results
BD-23696 The browser quick search does not work if the keyword includes uppercase non-ASCII characters and search is case-insensitive
BD-23710 IFC Import leaves out geometry
BD-23716 Hatch scales in panel drawings changed similar to building cross section drawings
BD-23738 Wind load zone list fix into wind load generation
BD-23740 Chain dimensions were multiplied in copy
BD-23742 Edit Chain does not adapt well
BD-23757 Sheets are not exported properly to IFC when sheet is part of mirrored sub project
BD-23762 Eave trims not generated
BD-23769 Fix chain dimension alignment when dimensioning to reference drawing lines
VX-6519 DWG-converter: hatch boundary lines have wrong layer (import)
VX-6691 B-splines are not displayed accurately in large scale printouts
BD-23512 Open sub project directly from DS
BD-23576 Option for evenly spaced trusses
BD-23682 Control placement for extra backer at the openings
BD-23707 Siding board dimension from backside to wall panel dwgs
New Feature
BD-23612 Option to collect number of notches in trusses
(r183516-b1b3d7e) 2020-02-20

Release Notes 26.0.05  (r183516-b1b3d7e) 2020-02-20

BD-23514 Adaptive component wasn't solved properly in roof modifications
BD-23535 Cross section drawing got wrong pattern
BD-23601 Saving truss tools parameters didn't work properly
BD-23603 Project parameter for wall surface material adjustment didn't work
BD-23615 Creating excel report crashed
BD-23624 Changing insulation thickness didn't work
BD-23635 Editing end point of constraint didn't update constraint data. End point move option is removed.
BD-23641 Truss engineering crash fix
BD-23668 Moving two truss web ends with grip point moves only one end
VX-6560 DWG-converter: external reference path could be incorrect (import)
VX-6561 DWG-converter: color by lineweight was incorrectly converted (export)
VX-6597 Dimension not inserted correctly when locking to direction and then not moving the mouse
BD-23382 Eave recognition improvement of dormers when adding eave trims
BD-23670 Item code of sheet is updated when using the function Update Sheets from Library
(r183427-8bebaad) 2020-02-04

Release Notes 26.0.04  (r183427-8bebaad) 2020-02-04

BD-23525 Single truss engineering crashes if previous window closed from top right
BD-23588 Can't create new panel drawing library
VX-6560 DWG-converter: external reference path could be incorrect (import)
VX-6561 DWG-converter: color by lineweight was incorrectly converted (export)
(r183410-b27717c) 2020-01-30

Release Notes 26.0.03  (r183410-b27717c) 2020-01-30

BD-23456 Cripples were not cut properly to narrow openings
BD-23467 Use building vertical distance insted of site altitude in wind load generation of Chinese code
BD-23507 Constraints in G4 objects were not solved properly
BD-23520 Accurate roof presentation was not formed properly
BD-23523 Shell presentation of macro components didn't have surfaces
BD-23528 Maximum slenderness based on torsional slederness when section element effective part is solved in Chinese building code
BD-23545 Shape of sheet in wall panel wasn't correct in some cases
BD-23568 NC export to randek saw does not work
BD-23571 Opening trim set browser does not display items
VX-6533 User settings dialog may have generated faulty Style settings
VX-6546 DWG-converter: 3d models could not be read (import)
BD-23073 Handles added to punch through macros
BD-23301 'Share top chord load between trusses' to use load share factor
BD-23316 Support for project specific layer group
BD-23384 Module drawings were including elements not in module
BD-23482 Expand hip drop shape of hip end trusses when hip line trusses are extended
(r183301-404c002) 2020-01-10

Release Notes 26.0.02  (r183301-404c002) 2020-01-10

BD-23011 Window and door browsers open too small
BD-23419 Creating multiple sections from "active architect model" did not work
BD-23433 Editing framing tool crashed application
BD-23443 User edited "Geometry drawing properties" settings were not saved
BD-23454 Panel label was not added to sheet label
BD-23457 Part list wasn't updated when updating part numbers in rule based numbering
BD-23488 Crashed when beam with model feature was moved
BD-23490 Sheathing wasn't added if sheating detail was missing from framing setup
BD-23491 New layer scheme was created when template settings was restored
VX-6472 Some other program sometimes flashes over Vertex after program execution from database dialog.
VX-6482 When database dialog is opened it sometimes flashes at the other location before it is opend at the final location.
VX-6497 Quick press of CTRL-TAB leaves window change unfinished
VX-6498 Fixed GDI object related graphics problems
BD-23168 Automatically generating jack top chord extensions
(r183231-1485fdc) 2019-12-19

Release Notes 26.0.01  (r183231-1485fdc) 2019-12-19

BD-22355 Wall above truss supports top chord
BD-22964 Too tight flush area tolerance cause piece location error not shown and load tributary goes wrong
BD-23057 Delete MODELORIGO macro when group is read to model
BD-23058 Extracting pieces from walls lin Hundegger SC
BD-23071 Improvements to top automated top plate cuts in gable panel
BD-23087 Collision of wall above floor trusses cause incorrect support relation
BD-23107 Beam panel order in object tree view set follow numbers
BD-23148 Truss connections are optimized even thought optimization is not set on
BD-23157 Wall surface texture was sometimes flipped upside down
BD-23169 Double center studs clipping differently?
BD-23171 IFC profile conversion didn't consider local coordinates
BD-23199 Only one similar sub project visible even more added if sub project added contains also sub projects
BD-23303 Parallel line load not divided to adjacent parallel members
BD-23304 Exceeding maximum slenderness ratio should not abort engineering in Chinese code
BD-23309 FEA bearing length -1 for all support node should not fail engineering
BD-23312 Occupancy classes 1 and 3 should be opposite factored in Chinese code
BD-23353 Componen library is not updated when project is opened in task.
BD-23380 IFC-conversion and structural layers
BD-23393 'Edit truss libraries' doesn't save changes
BD-23408 Stone delivery don't move delivery to DS if old delivery quantities are changed
BD-23426 Stone delivery don't correctly if there are no Tassu delivery
VX-6309 Fixed GDI object related graphics problems
VX-6451 Listview type database dialog may cause crash after saving by [Ctrl+S] keyboard command.
VX-6467 Selected library was not kept when inserting objects from browser
BD-23102 Abort button to truss engineering
BD-23116 Cantilever deflection criteria to show editable multipliers
BD-23177 Surface quality parameters for CLT sheets
BD-23301 Tick off and disable 'Share top chord load between trusses' for Chinese code
BD-23302 Hide wind loads during wind pressure coefficients input when selecting slopes
BD-23306 Make wind net pressure coefficient of slope visible and editable in Chinese code
BD-23308 Adjust master node tolerance if not bearing location so that every web end node will have own master node on chord
BD-23355 2D-presentation of IFC-objects should be by default off